Father of Slain Dallas Officer Sues #BlackLivesMatter for $550M Over the Death of His Son

The father of Patrick Zamarippa, one of the five police officers fatally shot by 25-year-old Micah Xavier Johnson during a Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas, Texas, in July, 2016 filed a lawsuit Monday seeking damages of up to $550 million from the activist group alleging that it incited a “war on police” that caused the death of his son.
Officer Patrick Zamarippa was working on bicycle patrol on the night of July 7 when he was shot as hundreds of protesters marched through downtown Dallas, in reaction to the shootings of black men by police in Minnesota and Louisiana.

Also named in the lawsuit is Louis Farrakhan, leader of the Nation of Islam; the Rev. Al Sharpton and the National Action Network; Black Lives Matter organizers Rashad Turner, Opal Tometi, Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza, Deray McKesson and Johnetta Elzie; Malik Zulu Shabazz, leader of the New Black Panthers Party; and George Soros, a supporter and funder of Black Lives Matter.


Zamarippa is being represented by Washington, D.C.-based attorney Larry E. Klayman of the Freedom Watch group.
Klayman also filed a lawsuit against Hillary Clinton on behalf of two men who were killed in the Benghazi, Libya, attack in 2012.

“I want justice for my son,” Zamarippa told the Star-Telegram.

“He served three tours in Iraq, he protected his country, and he protected everybody. And he gave up his life doing that. When people were running away from the gunshots, he was running toward them.”

Source: Star-Telegram


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