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Father of African Cinema, Ousmane Sembène Celebrated in 28 African Countries 11 Years After Death

For the second time in a row, Africa is celebrating filmmaker Ousmane Sembène with the project “Sembene across Africa”. From June 8 to 10, 2018, African organizations will support the initiative with screenings of his films, notably “Xala”.

In 2017, when the first edition of the project was held, 38 countries were able to celebrate the Senegalese filmmaker through 130 free and public screenings.

In addition, concerts were offered in honor of the one who is considered the “father of African cinema”. Eleven years after his death, the works of Ousmane Sembène still attract as much public, so that the project was presented to millions of people in 2017, says a statement sent to Afrikmag.

To do this, the Ford Foundation has not skimped on the means, as has the Sundance Institute. In addition, an electronic fundraiser was made.


Who was Ousmane Sembène?

Fisherman’s son Ousmane Sembene was expelled from school in class 5 th . He found himself as a worker for fifteen years, before entering the world of cinema. Self-taught, he first became a writer and then a filmmaker.

“In the last 50 years of his life, Sembène has devoted his time to galvanizing and inspiring his people, creating profound and subversive visionary stories. “Says the press release.

According to the New York Times, Ousmane Sembene is “always fascinating … a shocking portrait of the profound way in which art can transform those who come in contact with it.”


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