Father, Mother, And Son All Die Within A Week After Refusing COVID-19 Vaccine


A heartbroken son has revealed how his mother, father, and brother all died of Covid within the space of a week, after refusing to get the coronavirus vaccine.


Francis Goncalves’ brother Shaul, 40, father, Basil, 73, and mother, Charmagne, 65, all died in hospital within two weeks of contracting coronavirus.


The 43-year-old, who lives in Cardiff, says his three relatives who were based in Portugal, refused the Covid jab after falling victim to ‘anti-vaccination propaganda’ despite his parents living with underlying health conditions.


Now Francis, who believes the virus spread through his family during a meal, is pleading with others to avoid ‘falling into the trap’ of Covid conspiracies.




He said: ‘They (my family) got caught up in a lot of the anti-vaccination propaganda that’s going around. It preys on people who are afraid and they fall into the trap.


‘The message I want to get out is why would the government want to hurt you by giving you a vaccine? What is the purpose behind it? I’ve spoken to so many people who are terrified of the vaccine and it costs lives.’


He also paid tribute to his family, describing his mother as the ‘mother hen’ who would ‘do anything for us’, and his father as a man ‘who gave everything’.


And speaking about his brother, he said: ‘ He always looked out for the best interests of people around him and he wanted to teach people. He spend time helping people and wouldn’t ask for anything in return.


‘That was the same with my father, he would go to people’s places and help fixed things for them. I was and am still proud of my family,’ he added.


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