Cop’s Father-in-Law ‘Blasts Black Protesters’ After Alton Sterling Died

Father-in-law of policeman involved in Alton Sterling shooting blames black protesters for making ‘an agenda’ out of police killings…

James Durdin, the father in-law of Officer Blane Salamoni (pictured above), one of the Baton Rouge police officers involved in Alton Sterling’s deadly shooting on Wednesday has blamed black protesters for trying “to make an agenda” out of police killings.

James Durdin criticized Sterling for the shooting, alleging that the man “drew a gun” on the cops who pinned him to the ground and shot him, a claim that has been refuted by a key witness.
“It burns my you-know-what when it’s – usually the black people – that try to make an agenda out of this,” Durdin told the Daily News.
“What I’d like to see is them with no police at all, so they can know what it’s like not to have them… The majority of (cops) would never be abusive. Does anyone give a you-know-what about that? We’ll have social chaos (without cops).”
Durdin said Officer Blane Salamoni is “well-trained” and did “what he’s trained to do.”
“That’s what I’m told this situation is, that’s when the training kicks in,” he said.
He added that it’s “a dirty shame that things like this end up in the news, ‘cause there’s something going around the country and it’s anti-police. They take advantage of every situation to promote their agendas.”

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  1. However we know that white America middle class has nothing left e.g. settling for “Killary Clinton” they want a race riot so please don’t, unfortunately how Africa you going to see the American police picking with many more ethnicities including their own innocent”whites” you see America has some perilous times ahead and they want martial law to kick off believe me if Obama leaves office the show must go on until the new world order agenda is complete so please regardless the race don’t play their game they will loose and they know why they won’t kill them all off…food for thought he was hired to uphold the law nobody forced this man or any other officer to pursue this field to work in fields with guaranteed paychecks and minimal lay-offs are not only coveted but privileged these days it means that in order to last you must go above and beyond howafrica all he did was pull the trigger please spare the family all this tiresome rhetoric Blacks are the least in number population wise here in the United States because they have been doing this pulse some for years they make their own beds because if they are in fear of their life it’s simple they can always take a regular job just every other average Joe and settle for low wages lay-offs the boss in a four legged animal type of a mood and become a major butt kisser that doesn’t get to tote a gun around and blast off simply because your angry or having a bad day now what are we to believe would happen if majority of police forces were predominantly black ? and the poor unfortunate victims just happen to predominantly be the untrustworthy always in and out of trouble (false lable) whites with their numbers statistically study decreasing now how sympathetic do you think they’d be to…”well awh darn I mean I thought the white kid had a gun I know people lie but they said he did now were just here to invoice the law and maybe he didn’t think that police bullets are real or that he’d ever be caught I guess look for what it’s worth I’m sorry okay now gosh darnet you whites opps darnet I meant to say Caucasians oh crap OK I mean what exactly are you people calling yourselves these days I mean it’s just that everything is just so politically correct now you understand right Tom? Now you guys your justalways stirring up trouble okay do we need another speech about how you people should conduct yourselves from Bill Clinton I mean people really care okay and while Obama is leaving office you can still be productive members of society now all you have to do is just quit with your gosh darn complaints so we can just all get along I mean can’t you see were trying man what do you people want from us…I doubt sincerely that they’d find any of it amusing good because blacks don’t either

  2. This is a hate comment.To James Durdin,the Police is always right when they execute any black under any guise howsoever.When an officer that is trained to protect life,apparently in an ironic rising to duty’s call is the one taking same,it cannot be taken that all is well.
    James Durdin may not know how sharp the rusty knife is because today,he is not the one holding the rough end.His turn surely will come tomorrow.A pound of his own flesh will be taken very close to his heart.When his own grand children will be hacked down before his myopic eyes.That will be retributive justice.
    A situation that allows citizens to possess licensed guns is desperately abnormal.It is unfortunately laying the criminal foundation for blood letting.
    My heart reach out to the bereaved family of Sterling and victims of Police killings in all climes that these inhumanity has been perpetrated.
    The process for gun recall should start today.Americans should be encouraged to live their lives without apprehension of fear. They alone can save themselves from themselves.

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