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How this Fantastic Wearable Device Can Help Improve Your Health

Would it not be cool to have a wearable device that could tell you when you are hanging with the wrong crowd? How cool!

You may assume that wearable tech is only about helping you shed the pounds and keeping you on track to reach your fitness goals, but what about tracking when you are hanging out with someone stressful?

Thanks to WellBe, the world’s ‘allegedly’ first anti-stress biofeedback bracelet, which helps you to pinpoint those family and friends that stress you out the most, among other feats.



What it does

The company claims that the bracelet has a built-in heart rate monitor, that detects your stress level based on time, location and the people you meet.

The WellBe application will paint a picture of the things that trigger your stress level. It also enables you to deal better with certain people or events.


The WellBe pairs with an application to give users meditation exercises and programmes that last up to 21 days.

It will also send a notification when your stress level gets too high, and it remind it’s wearers to take a minute to breathe and drink water.


It provides you with ways of reducing your stress levels when they soar, meaning it is not just about detecting stress, but serving up solutions too, like meditation and focused breathing, when you need them.

The device is worth $109 approximately N32,700 (using exchange rate of N300/$1). We are wondering though, whether WellBe accounts for the stress of wearing the device that is constantly monitoring stress.

However, we can not wait to find out which stressful friends we should cut out of our lives.

Using the application, breaking up friendship will probably be way easier to handle, when you are armed with wearable data. Perhaps this will make you appreciate the real friends in your life.


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