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Her Fans Call Her The “Black Barbie,” But You’ll See That This Young African Woman Has Nothing To Envy Barbie!!

Mazette, beauties like these, you will not come across every corner of the street! It would seem that this young woman has not (yet) made a name in the fashion world. Indeed, we do not know his identity for now. But I think that everything tilts in his favor so that it is one day the case. The one that is sometimes nicknamed the “Black Barbie” by his admirers is probably on the way to becoming a superstar of the podiums. But is it really worth comparing her to Barbie? For now, it is only a model and it must be admitted that it is already bewitching.


We can not not look at it, it’s simply impossible. This fine face, her luscious lips and her eyes can not be more captivating. You will not need more to crack on her. Anyway, this Naomi Campbell in the making has very beautiful days before her. Note that the girl also has the merit to appear very natural in the photos. She knows how to stay simple and it is also what makes her terribly beautiful.

And you, what do you think of this young woman?

Photo / photo credits: @MelaninGoddessLolita / Facebook

Written by How Africa

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