Famous Kenyan Socialite Huddah Monroe Says She Is Not Happy With ‘Her Light Skin Complexion’!

In the era while many dark skinned Africans are transitioning to become light skinned through bleaching, Kenyan socialite and former Big Brother Africa star, Huddah Monroe has revealed her dissatisfaction with her natural light skin complexion.

The sexy Instagram celebrity shared a photo of somali model, Fatima Siad who is a very dark skinned and revealed in the caption that she always wished she was tall and very dark skinned.


She wrote: “Good morning Bosses..This SKIN-TONE you will NEVER purchase it anywhere, no matter how much money u have, it’s just too beautiful … All my life growing up I wished I had this kinda skin tone, tall and skinny like my brothers . I love standing out but unfortunately it didn’t happen during reproduction. Kindly tag a Kenyan or Somali girl with this exact skin tone, not shy from cameras and almost resembles this one …. I need her in my life. #FuckBeingLightSkin”


Huddah Monroe is a Kenyan socialite who ekes her living through modelling, Product promotions, and personal business.


She came into limelight when she represented Kenya in the Big Brother Africa Reality Show in South Africa in 2014.


Written by How Africa

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