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Famous Cameroonian Singer Clarisse Valery – “I Have Conversed With The Virgin Mary And Jesus Christ Of Nazareth!!”

In a video that circulates on social networks, the Cameroonian singer Clarisse Wopso, well known as Clarisse Valery, admits having asked money from passers-by in the city of Strasbourg. She also said that she had had exchanges with Christ and the Virgin Mary.

“You tell everywhere that Wopso asks the money from the fans! It’s normal. There are fans of small countries that i paid his shots hearts. If my fans helped me, it is because they found that I had financial worries, it’s normal, “says all go and without hiding, the singer who goes through times rather difficult to To believe his testimony.

According to her, the origin of her fall would be due to her many divorces. “I had some little worries. I had difficult divorces. The lord helped me he raised me. After the divorces I had apartments and worries like everyone else. After I contacted my friends in Strasbourg among whom Roga Roga .

He hosted during a sema i did and after he kept my bags. I has i made demands of housing and had to wait, “says the singer in this short video of nearly 04 mins. Clarisse Wopso emerges from 03 marriages unsuccessful notably with the French Pascal Valery and the Italian Mucho Mucho.


In 2010 after the separation with Pascal Valery his second husband, the singer declared that, “I could not any more. Pascal ruined me … I was the one who launched it (helped financially, note) … “. As her second husband Pascal, who danced in s es clips, his other “baby” Mucho Mucho had also followed suit: He appeared in the videotape of “the lash of God.” Not knowing anything about the activities of her “Italian love”, Clarisse Wopso fans said they were afraid to learn that she was also “throwing” her.

In spite of everything , Clarisse Wopso, who has just officially renamed the Diamond of God , says he was raised by God. “I go very well, the diamond of God manifests in me, I have the holy spirit. “I have conversed with Jesus Christ of Nazareth, who has given me the Holy Virgin Mary into the hands of her father and mother,” she said. “I have talked with the virgin Mary,” “God has raised me up. “She also promises her return to the ferries for very soon. “The album is coming, God’s diamond is already on the way, I’m in the middle of filming video clip.


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