Famous Actress and Environmental Activist Pamela Anderson Addresses Open Letter to Vladimir Putin

Pamela Anderson sent a message to Russian President Vladimir Putin. In her missive, Pamela Anderson denounces the changes undergone in the Antarctic for 200 years. She calls on Moscow to make its contribution to conserve the biodiversity of the southern continent.

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The spokesperson for the Southern Ocean Alliance sent a copy of this letter to our colleagues in Sputnik. He said the message would also be delivered to the Russian presidency.

Pamela Anderson noted that these days Antarctica and the Southern Ocean are ” a very different place than the one that Von Bellingshausen and Lazarev saw for the first time “.

“ The region is now on the frontline of the climate crisis and the loss of biodiversity. Together, as a global community, we can put in place measures that will protect this precious wilderness in the future, ”she notes.

The actress also contends that Russia is capable of contributing ” by supporting the designation of marine protected areas in eastern Antarctica, the Weddell Sea and the Antarctic Peninsula “.

An approach supposed to strengthen the capacity of marine organisms to resist change.

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