Facts And Figures You Should Know About Algeria

Population: 36.0 million (UN, 2011 estimate)

Capital: Algiers

Area: 2,381,740 sq km (919,595 sq miles)

Main languages: Arabic (official), Berber, French

Main religions: Islam

Life expectancy: 73 (WHO, 2011)

Literacy Rate: Adult [15+] 73%, Youth [15-24] 92% (UNESCO, 2006)


Urban Population (% of total): 74% (UN, 2012)

Population under 18 years: 11.6 million (UNICEF, 2011)

Child mortality: 30 children in every 1,000 likely to die before 5 years (WHO, 2011)

Child nutrition: 3.7% of children below 5 years underweight (WHO, 2012)

Number of children (0-17) who have lost one/both parents:550,000 (UNICEF, 2009)


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