Fact Check: China Seek for Court’s Approval to Kill the Over 20,000 Coronavirus Patients to Avoid Further Spread of Virus. HOAX

CLAIM: China seeks the court’s approval to kill over 20,000 coronavirus patients to avoid further spread of the virus:

According to an article published on a website ‘’ aka ‘City News’ the claim of the Chinese government seeking approval to kill 20,000 coronavirus spread was widely shared by many across the globe on social media platforms as well as instant-messaging applications as ‘news’.

The article reads as “The highest level of court in Chhina, Supreme People’s Court is expected to give approval on Friday for the mass killing of coronavirus patients in China as sure means of controlling the spread of the deadly virus.”

Referring to a ‘document’ which the ‘State’ submitted to the court, according to the article continues as, “the country may lose its entire citizens if the few affected patients do not sacrifice their lives to save health workers and a billion others as there is no hope in sight in the fight against the virus (sic).”


Fact Check:

The website ‘’ shared an alarming content attributing it to a ‘Local Correspondent’, i.e without a byline.

And not a single credible media house across the globe has reported this news.

Times news source has also scanned the website to see if there’s a disclaimer saying the content published on the website is fiction/satire but could not find it.

Meanwhile, another news portal Snopes fact check, the website has in the past carried fake news multiple news.

The source fact check report also mentions how the website in question does not support any of the claims made with any sort of evidence or links to credible media reports.

Speaking of the official website of China’s Supreme People’s Court, there are no particulars of such case claimed.

The Singapore government’s official website on January 30, 2020, published a statement with the title ‘Corrections and clarifications regarding falsehoods published by AB-TC City News’ website’.

Disapproving of the article carried on claiming five Singapore nationals contracted coronavirus without going to China.

This incident is yet another proof that the said website can’t be trusted.

So the Times Fact Check states it cannot disprove the claims made by ‘’ aka ‘City News’ regarding the said claim, but, as all the reasons stated above stand against this claim, readers are cautioned to stay alert and not believe this claim unless reported by a credible media house.

It may also be mentioned that China was close to successfully concealing the fact that Lakhs of Muslims are under persecution, conspiring against the community.


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