Faced with US Naval Exercises, North Korea Says It Has “The Hand Close To The Trigger”

Obviously overtaken by the announcement of joint military exercises with South Korea, North Korea has threatened to put in place countermeasures, including a “missile salvo” in the waters of Guam Island.

Pyongyang threatened via state agency KCNA on 13 October to launch a “missile salvo” in the waters near the US island of Guam, while US military vessels are located near the Korean peninsula. Kim Kwang-hak, a researcher at the Institute of American Studies at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, said KCNA that the US authorities’ “insulting military provocations” had confirmed to North Korean leaders the relevance the development of their nuclear program, for their “self-defense”.

Faced with US naval exercises, North Korea says it has "the hand close to the trigger" © KCNA Source: Reuters
North Korean missile test (illustration).

The United States must be tamed by fire

“We have already warned several times that we would take countermeasures of self-defense, including a missile burst in the waters of the US territory of Guam, a base for the invasion of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, also on guard Kim Kwang Hak.

And the North Korean dignitary added: “US military actions reinforce our belief that the United States must be tamed by fire and push our hand near the” trigger “of the toughest countermeasures. ”


Nuclear fire and shooting near Guam: threats already mentioned by Pyongyang

These words recall threats already made by Pyongyang in recent months, marked by an unprecedented verbal escalation between North Korean and American leaders. At the end of September, North Korean Ambassador to Russia, Kim Yong-jae, said his country would not hesitate to use nuclear fire if Washington “has no right to exist.”

Moreover, the idea of ​​firing missiles near Guam had already been mentioned by Pyongyang, who had threatened such a measure after US President Donald Trump said he was ready in early August to unleash “Fire and anger” against Pyongyang. The White House tenant blames Kim Jong-un for the development of North Korean nuclear and ballistic programs condemned by the international community.

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American warships in the area

On 12 October the US Navy announced that the USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrierwould participate in ten days of joint exercises with the South Korean Navy in the Sea of ​​Japan and the Yellow Sea from 16 to 26 October.

The United States also announced the “routine visit” of the USS Michigan nuclear submarine  in the port city of Busan, South Korea, on 13 October.

President Donald Trump, though inclined to invective the North Korean leader on Twitter, has not responded to the latter threat indirectly formulated by Pyongyang. The US head of state confined himself to wishing on 13 October a “happy birthday” for his national navy, confident that there was no “greater privilege” than “serving as commander-in-chief of the Army of the United States “.




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