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Facebook-Cambrige Analytica: How to Know That Your Personal Data Has Been Diverted?

Since this Monday at 13 hours, it is now possible to know if your personal data on Facebook has been siphoned by Cambrige Analytica for political purposes.

Just look at his newsfeed. In fact, 87 million users around the world have been spied by Cambrige Analytica, who has misappropriated their personal data.

If you are one of these Facebook users, you will receive a notification on the right of your screen, but if you are not part of it, you will receive it on the left.

According to the Guardian, most users whose data has been compromised are in the United States. The sharing was done for the needs of the American presidential. There are about 70 million Americans.

According to Le Figaro, for France, there are 76 people who have used the Cambridge Analytica application.

Spyware on your computer


According to Stéphane Verschuere, VP of the Privacy Commission, “every user of a social network, every user who connects to the internet is unable to protect himself effectively when major Internet majors (like Facebook) unwittingly install spyware on your computer.

You must know that Facebook has already been sentenced for spy cookies. “An action regarding the use of cookies by Facebook that trace the navigation of users of the network, but also people who are not members of the network.

The court sentenced Facebook to end the use of these cookies within 3 months, with a sizeable penalty of 250,000 euros per day, with a cap of 100 million euros.

To date, it is unthinkable for some people to leave Facebook, as well as similar applications. But you should nevertheless be very careful about your personal data.


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