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F-35B, The World’s Most Expensive Aircraft, Crashes in South Carolina

For the first time in its short history, an F-35B crashed in the United States without a casualty, the pilot having ejected. An accident that comes as the F-35s have just begun to be used in combat, in Afghanistan.

A fifth-generation F-35B crashed in South Carolina on September 28th while conducting a training exercise near a Marine Corps base in Beaufort County on the Atlantic coast.

There were no civilian casualties and the pilot, who managed to eject, was found alive, according to a statement from the Marine Corps. His state of health was, at the latest news, still under review. On the other hand, the apparatus was “totally destroyed”, specified with AFP a military official having requested the anonymity.


This is the first crash for the latest Lockheed Martin aircraft, the most expensive aircraft in history , whose production proved particularly difficult due to the discovery of  hundreds of technical defects . An accident at an inconvenient time, F-35B having for the first time been used in combat on 27 September. After taking off from the USS Essex amphibious ship, they bombed the Taliban in Afghanistan, as reported by the US Navy Command in the Middle East in a statement.


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