EXPOSED: The 22 Senators Who Urged Trump To Leave The Paris Agreement Reached $10 Million From The Oil Lobby!!

CLIMATE – If the decision to leave the Paris agreement has been sharply criticized by the international community and many elected officials, Donald Trump first of all comforted his own camp on Thursday 1 June. For, as Vox reminds us, the overwhelming majority of Republicans, whether elected or simple voters, are not very eco-friendly. When they are not squarely, for parliamentarians, paid by the oil lobby.

If some, like Donald Trump, are climate-sensitive, others think that it is not by imposing pollution limits that the world will be saved. A figure to summarize that: only 23% of Republican voters believed in 2016 that the Earth was heating up due to human activity.

But if by withdrawing from the Paris Accord, Trump flattered his base and raised a promise of campaign, he especially pleased many Republican politicians and their generous donors not so disinterested.


$ 10 million, not to mention hidden funding

The Guardian was precisely watching who were the 22 senators to have urged the president to get out of the Paris agreement. This letter sent by the senators would have reinforced the conviction of Donald Trump, according to the site Axios.

Analyzing the data provided by US NGOs, the British daily realized that these 22 parliamentarians had received more than 10 million dollars since 2012 from oil, gas or coal companies. The record man is Ted Cruz, unhappy candidate at the Republican primary, who has touched on the last three elections 2.5 million.

In general, in the 2016 elections, Republicans received 15 times more money than the Democrats from the fossil energy industries. An area not particularly fan of the regulations imposed by Barack Obama to limit global warming.

Provided by:  Huffington Post


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