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EXPOSED: African Leaders Steal Over $50 Billion In A Year – German Parliament Reveals!!

A German Parliament member  Andres Lammei,, has bluntly addressed the looting tendency in Africa, saying that the annual routine disappearance of about $50 billion from the continent’s treasury is a major factor behind the developmental setback.

The horrid discovery was revealed by Andres Lammei, a lawmaker and chairman, Working Group on Africa of the CDU/CSU in the Federal Parliament of the Federal Republic of Germany.

He said:

“It gives me a grave concern, if the number is right as obtained in the press, that $50 billion disappears in Nigeria and across Africa annually.  The question is, how much does Africa even get as development aid?”

Lammei is dismayed that many African leaders and politicians can afford to invest in other nations of the world outside their own. He says that the trend must stop if Africa genuinely hopes for the “right investments”. He pointed out that corruption scares foreign investors.

He said this while receiving some selected state parliamentarians and  parliamentary staff from Nigeria at the Bundestag, Parliamentary Building in Berlin, Germany.

The MP made it sincerely clear that he does not envy the African legislature because of their mode of operation.


“Africa’s parliaments are not too good; they are not well equipped, their rights are not respected. In fact they are confronted with major bureaucratic bottlenecks by operators in the executive. Government should keep improving on financial resources for an effective parliament.”

“No country in the world is interested in making parliaments work. Honestly, I don’t envy African MPs giving the state of affairs in their countries. We need to raise awareness of opportunities in Africa rather than disasters.”

He also extended his reservation to African embassies in Germany, saying that they are not doing anything to change the already perceived corrupt image of Africa.

“Unfortunately, African ambassadors here in Germany are not helping matters. Although, some of them are active and even visit us here in the parliament, quite a large chunk of them are not.”

Taking the radar to Nigeria, the German MP says that his foundation has plans to visit Nigerian parliament next year on a study tour. Already the group of passionate lawmakers conduct evaluation of the German parliament.

Lammei’s Foundation has an aim of studying and improving the democracy of nations; bearing in mind that the legislature is the centre piece of democratic nation.


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