Explore Africa: Top 5 Things To Do In Africa After The Pandemic

We’ve said this year is all about adventure, and we’re kicking it off with exploring Africa because charity begins at home. There’s so much to do in this region that people generally just take for granted and overlook while seeking a fun holiday.

How can you explore Africa and get the best out of it? Consider this a sort of to-do list, covering the broad basis of what to do when touring this region with HowAfrica.

  1. Explore the Food around the Continent

Who says learning about a country must be all about historical tours with truckloads of information? It can be delicious as well! You can experience Essaouira with a food and art walking tour of the Medina to find out more about the Blue City of Morocco. Or go ahead and learn a little about the spice trade with a Zanzibar food and spices tour including a traditional Swahili lunch. And you don’t have to restrict yourself to simply trying dishes; you can make them yourself. A Kumasi or Accra food tour including a market visit and cooking class will allow you get into the kitchen.

  1. Go on an African safari

I know I keep bringing it up, but it’s only because I can’t stress enough how awesomely important it is that you go on an African safari. A lot of people seem to keep undermining how much of an adventure this is, without ever experiencing it. There’s no reason why seeing Africa’s “big 5” shouldn’t be on your 2015 bucket list. A 4-Day Kruger National Park Safari Tour from Johannesburg with Game Drives and Wilderness Walks will increase your chances of seeing the animals. If, for whatever reason, you don’t have a lot of time, opt for a Pilanesberg Nature Reserve Safari and Sun City Day Trip from Johannesburg or maybe even a Hluhluwe Game Reserve safari from Durban. And, for those who love sea life, there’s the Marine Big 5 catamaran safari from Cape Town.

  1. Understand Africa’s many cultures


Wouldn’t it be awesome if you didn’t go on safari or visit certain countries just to check them off your bucket list? You could be the tourist with a difference; the one who actually takes the time to understand the various cultures. How can you learn to understand the cultures? Well, you could learn about the history of South Africa’s apartheid regime during a Township Tour of Cape Town or a Knysna Township tour. And, in Egypt, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a traditional meal and entertainment during a cultural dinner and show in Hurghada. And you could also get out into the community on a Tanzania village coffee and community tour from Arusha, including lunch with a local, to mention a few ways.

  1. Interact with the animals of Africa

You don’t have to limit your encounter with wild animals to Safaris. There are plenty other places where you could get up close and personal with these animals, all in a safe environment of course. A day trip from Hermanus, South Africa, for seasonal whale watching is one of such ways. Or you could join a professional research crew to go on a dolphin and whale watching research cruise, where you could actually learn something worthwhile.

  1. Tour the Great Pyramids and the Sphinx

Whatever you think you may have learnt about the pyramids from geography books and the like, could not have totally prepared you for the significant majesty of the real thing. The legendary Pyramid of Khufu at Giza is a structure that is definitely worthy of its status as one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. There are so many options available for people who want to explore the pyramids and the great city of Egypt. You could take a private tour to see the Giza Pyramids and Sphinx, or a Private Tour of the Giza Pyramids, Sphinx, Memphis, Sakkara, Egyptian Museum, and Khan el-Khalili Bazaar, where you’ll get to explore the Great Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx and the former capital, Memphis, under the guidance of an expert Egyptologist.


Like I said, there are endless possibilities, depending on your preferences. You can have the best trip you‘ve always dreamed of, stress-free and with great customer service. Simply visit to make hotel bookings as you tour the world, one city at a time.


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