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Namibia: 19-year-old Student Invents A Wireless Phone, No SIM Card, No Credit

This invention is arguably one of the smartest initiatives for Africa when we know that phone calls cost the eye of the head and that the price of a good smartphone is out of reach of many people.

At just 19, Simon Petrus has just left his mark on modern technology … perhaps without knowing it. The young Namibian invented a wireless phone, without a SIM card   and more importantly, without credit. With only a few items recovered here and there, Simon Petrus was able to achieve this technological marvel. Phone replacement parts, TV components, light bulbs, chargers carcasses and the phone that does not require a wire, a SIM card  or communication credit. Cost of production, $ 146. However, the work of the young Namibian aged 19 is well adapted to the needs of Africa where the rate of electrification and purchasing power are still low.

This phone, in fact, can pick up calls through radio frequencies, so no need to spend on communication credit. Better, it is possible to capture a local television channel. The gadget would have already attracted the interest of some investors who would like to develop it more.



According to Africlandpost:

“Petrus’ invention has already earned him first place in the regional leg of the NamPower schools competition, and he will now go on to compete in the national finals round.

“This is the second time he’s reached this stage of the competition, after clinching a gold medal last year for a two-in-one seed drier and cooler machine he invented.”

As news of young Petrus’ invention has spread across the web, many have responded with enthusiasm, wondering when the invention will make its way to their own countries. One commenter on Nairaland dampened the enthusiasm a bit, however, stating:

“what he created is a walkie-talkie, and it’s mostly used in the military/paramilitary. He can’t commercialize it, infact he can only use it within his domain.
there are stringent laws binding radio frequency allocation/usage, due to interference issues. He will need a license to operate it in a public domain.”


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