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Experts Reveal Why Pregnant Women In Guinea Still Avoid The Hospital Aftermath Of Ebola!!

It is difficult to consider a thriving community that does not have a functional hospital or, in this case, has one that is not being taken advantage of by the people.

The quality of health care available to the people, especially pregnant women, children and the elderly, is tied in a great way to well-being and eventually the development of a community.

But while Guinea may have some functional hospitals, the aftermath of Ebola has led to pregnant women refusing to actually go to them for care.

Aftermath Of Ebola

Prenatal care, antenatal care, and delivery in hospitals are once more becoming a non-existent factor for those in the local communities of Guinea. A preference for home births and a return to traditional healer routes are becoming a norm in the aftermath of ebola.

Guinea was declared ebola-free last year but scores of women had lost loved ones to the deadly virus and these loved ones had often been carted off to hospitals never to return.


The fear that festers because of those tales of woe has led to pregnant women reluctant to visit a clinic when in term or others reluctant to take their babies for vaccinations if they do successfully put to bed.

Aftermath Of Ebola

Already Guinea is considered one of the worst 20 countries in the world to be a mother, according to the charity Save the Children. Statistics say one in 10 children dies under the age of five and women have a one in 30 chance of dying during childbirth.

Aftermath Of Ebola

These statistics have been made even graver due to new attitudes forged by the women in the aftermath of ebola. Even discounting the fact that mothers are dying in their homes (a huge shame in this century), doctors have seen polio and measles outbreaks because people aren’t getting their children vaccinated.


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