Experts Reveal: How You Laugh Can Reveal Your True Personality (Very Accurate!!)


People who laugh loudly have a straightforward personality. They want people to notice them. If there’s something going on, they want it to be discussed with them. They want to be in charge and let people know his outspoken personality. Actually, people with loud laughter often feel lonely and have a lot of pressure. All they can do is bluffing all along.


People who laugh without making any sound are humble, indecisive and passive. But, they have good observation and analytical ability. Actually, these people have high self-esteem. If someone insult them, they will look down at that people in a cynical way. They are not good at expressing themselves, so they usually internalize their feelings, when they can’t take anymore, they will explode which can be scary.



People who clap while laughing have high spirit of service. Another point is, they want to let other people know that “this is really funny!”. They love to chat, even the most boring topic they can still talk about it happily. Actually, these people are very easily influenced by others. They likely agree with other people’s opinion or command. It’s difficult for them to make their own decision. They are also quite dependent on others, which might make them easily exploited by others.

Cover With Hand
People who cover their mouth when laughing are shy dan extremely careful with the words they speak. They are afraid other people know their true self, for they have split personality. They are highly concerned about aesthetics. They may also excel in arithmetic. If she’s a girl, she might give people a feeling of elegance and classy, probably a type of girl every guy will like. But once she’s in a relationship, her personality will turn upside-down, for example, from shy to bossy.
People who laugh breathy are easily nervous. Generally speaking, they may appear as talkative, quite unique and opinionated, but actually they are afraid to be disliked by other people. They often feel anxious because of that yet they still pretend to be as comfortable as they can. They are also very serious. If someone’s talking about laughter, they may not want to laugh anymore.

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