Expert Reveals: Why Shaving Your Pubic Hair Makes You More Likely To Catch STD!!

It was recently revealed that people who regularly shave down there are more likely to catch a sexually transmitted infection.

The study found that adults who removed all their pubic hair were about 440 percent more likely to pick up a sex-related disease.

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There are higher risks of STDs for people who shave too often

The researchers believe that people who regularly trim are more sexually active, which means they have a greater risk of STD.

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Scientists say those who shaved too often were more likely to have a lot of sex partners

The study also showed that grooming can cause small cuts and tears to the skin, making it easier to catch something dangerous.

Scientists discovered that those who remove all their pubic hair were liable to contracting such infections as chlamydia, syphilis, warts and gonorrhoea.

Watch video below for tips on shaving for women.



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