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Expert Reveals the Benefits and Dangers of Consuming Raw Vegetables

Raw vegetables, it’s healthy, it’s good for the line and for health. Yes, but not always! There are two types of foods, those grown with chemicals and those produced without any chemicals. Foods that grow with chemicals are especially dangerous for human health.

Vegetables and raw fruits are richer in vitamins, especially in C, since cooking destroys a small part of it.

Apart from some, such as potatoes and aubergines, all foods can be eaten raw.

Raw vegetables help keep the line

Eating raw foods is great for someone who wants to go on a diet. Properly chewing raw carrot or raw cabbage will trigger satiety. This happens because of their high fiber and water content.

The danger of consumption

Crudités washed in bad conditions are a poison for the human body. If you do not like to wait, do not eat raw vegetables because their preparation requires a lot of cleanliness.

As good as it is for the health, the raw food contains outside several microbes and bacteria which is why it is recommended to wash them thoroughly with drinking water.

Difficult for digestion

Unlike cooked foods, crudity is hard to digest especially if you have a sensitive stomach.

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