Expert Explains How to Know You Have Found the Perfect Match

Talia Goldstein says if these signs are evident in your relationship, you may have found your perfect match!

Regardless of the statement above, though, the relationship expert says you do not need to leave your present partner if they are not exhibiting these signs.

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According to Goldstein, you still might have found your perfect match, and all you need do is make few adjustments.

Below are the signs to watch out for, if you want to be sure that you have indeed struck a perfect match in your relationship.

Common interests and activities should be discivered and regularly engaged in together (EHarmony)

Common interests and activities

This one seems quite obvious, right?

However, so many people still somehow manage to end up with a partner they have nothing in common with.

For some people it might be a case of ‘being swept up their feet’ by their partner’s charm, swag or something else.

However, looks and swag, style and ‘sweet-mouthedness’ will not hold any relationship together for so long.

For that relationship to work Goldstein says, and I couldn’t agree more that “there should be at least two or three things you really like to do together.

“Not only should you both enjoy a few of the same hobbies or activities, you should also enjoy doing them together. Spending quality time with your significant other is what really matters.”

When couples have a right balalnce, they are usually perfect together, says Goldstein (YouQueen)

The right balance

Using an unconventional example, of a ‘Star’ spouse and ‘Rock’ spouse, Goldstein explains that in most successful relationships [the ones she knows at least], the couple manages to strike a balance.


 “I found that the majority of my success stories fall into those categories, where sometimes one of them is outgoing and the life of the party, where the other is more stable and supportive,” she said.

Hence, where one partner is more reserved than the other, or when one spends wisely and the other does not, or if one loves to party and the other does not, there’s a huge chance that they are the perfect match.

“If you have the yin and the yang, they balance each other out,”the expert said. “I’ve found that balance works really well in a relationship.”

When you find someone who makes you feel good about yourself, chances are that they are your perfect match (EliteReaders)

The right feeling

When you are in love with the ideal person, you feel absolutely good about yourself regardless of your shortcomings and defects.

“Relationships where you truly feel like you’re the best version of yourself — that’s the best way to see if you’re a good match,”says Goldstein.

Her logic could also be extended as meaning that you have found the perfect guy or babe if you two can do weird stuff together (like fart, sit around and playfully insult each other in nothing but your underwear, or do crazy dances and make crazy noises)

Well, maybe that’s me being extreme, but hey, if you haven’t gotten comfortable around each other to the point where you occasionally [or regularly] fart around each other and so other silly stuff, maybe you  still have a really long way to go. [Lol. I know, right]

Once again, having said all these, Goldstein was careful to reiterate that “If your partner and you don’t feel like you show these signs that doesn’t mean you haven’t found your perfect match.

“It just means you may need to change the direction of your relationship and work on a few things.”


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