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‘Expensive Prank’: Man Attempts To Sell His Wife On eBay, Attracts Close To £65,000 In Bids!!

A man in an attempt to prank his wife by putting her up for sale on eBay, did not realise his joke would actually be taken seriously. After uploading a photo of his wife and listing her good and bad qualities, the man thinking it was silly prank that would go nowhere ended up striking bids of up to £65,000.

Man puts up wife for sale on eBay

Simon O’Kane of Yorkshire England, in a hilarious prank put his wife Leandra up for sale on eBay after she was supposedly unsympathetic when he told her he wasn’t feeling well. He titled the post ‘For sale: One wife’ and began to list the positive and supposed negative qualities of his wife. What he thought would be a silly prank ended up attracting over £65,000 in bids.


In the picture below is the exact post he uploaded:

Man puts up wife for sale on eBay

And then the as the bis started pouring in, he realised his joke was apparently not a joke after all:

Man puts up wife for sale on eBay

When his wife, Leandra found out she was furious, claiming her co-workers got a good laugh out of it at work. She threatened to get revenge on him through ‘his wallet.’ eBay has since taken the post down.


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