Here Is The Most Expensive City To Live In, In Africa

Kenya, is a sick country. The poor standards of living as a result of high wage rates, to joblessness rate and also the extremely high costs of living makes it one of the most expensive country in Africa.

The nation is at a point next to collapsing with the worst sickness of all, corruption.

The country’s wage bill stands at 53% of the national budget and uses 55% of the countr’s revenue.

The international standards for sub-Saharan Africa is at 34% , the government lacks prudent management over wage bills.


Development projects are halted due to recurrent expenditure reaching to unsustainable levels.

The economic growth continues to stagger since the country reports almost daily occurrence of corruption cases which wastes public resources.

Annually a third of all government expenditure goes to waste. According to an economic report it states that the Nairobi is the most expensive places to live in.

source: WAZA


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