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Exile Ex-Gambia’s President, Yahya Jammeh Reiterates, Announces His Return To The Gambia!!


In exile in Equatorial Guinea, Yaya Jammeh does not forget the Gambia. By means of an emissary to his followers, he declares to follow closely the political situation in The Gambia, where he intends to return, very soon.


The emissary, known for his proximity to the former president, made public the message of Yaya Jammeh in which he asks the Gambians to remain calm and not to yield to any provocation from wherever it may come. He also asks Gambians to manage their lives and pray for more peace in the country. Jammeh also addressed a message to the new power that he asks to preserve peace in the country. Without giving the exact date of his return, this close Jammeh reveals that he will soon return to The Gambia. Earlier than we thought!


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