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Execution of Gaddafi Revisited!!!: Sarkozy Has A Petition To Bring Before An International Criminal Court


Clubs “Thinking France” launched an international petition to get Nicolas Sarkozy before the International Criminal Court (ICC). In a document they sent to Algeriepatriotique, the initiators of the petition why they are campaigning for Nicolas Sarkozy to be tried by the ICC: it is responsible for the Libyan chaos, the result of “outrageous international politics.” Clubs “Thinking France” are working to bring together all the elements that could be brought to the attention of the prosecutor at the ICC.


They decided to gather a group of French and foreign lawyers to study filing a complaint before the Court. They include in this process the intervention of French troops in Ivory Coast, at the instigation of Nicolas Sarkozy, they remind.

Meanwhile, they will seize all French parliamentarians with a request to open proceedings before the High Court. Clubs “Thinking France” accuse Bernard-Henri Levy, Henri Guaino, Max Gallo, etc., and Nicolas Sarkozy of “betraying the French republican values” and added that “for miserable political calculations”, the Socialist Party remained silent about the “real criminal enterprise state” that were the bombing of civilian populations in Libya and the killing of the head of state of this country through the intervention of the French army.


Not only it is a shame for France, but, they say, these crimes call setting criminal case of French politicians. They announce initiatives that will be taken to Paris in the coming days and weeks.

We know that many revelations published in the French media have established that Sarkozy has eaten in the hand of Gaddafi, and all honest observers have concluded that this is what explains the eagerness of the former French president to get rid this inconvenient witness that was the Libyan leader.

Another explanation is given by the Clubs “Thinking France”: “Since the late 90s, France has decided a total alignment with the policies of NATO, designed to Washington, renouncing its policy – inherited from the general de Gaulle – balance between north and south, east and west, old reality – even differently – persists. ” Today, seeing the initiators of the international petition, “the French will have to pay the price for this mess.”




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