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EXCLUSIVE: Senegalese-American Singer, Akon Reportedly Trailed In Court For $ 100 million

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While he is currently engaged in a project for electricity in Africa, Akon is pursued by one of his former associates.

The singer began his career in 2004, and at that time he teamed up with a man, Devyne Stephens . They become partners and create together label, Konvict Music. The record company of Akon who signed artists such as Lady Gaga , Kandi Burruss or T-Pain . Devyne, who is at the same time agent, manager, producer, was supposed to receive 40% of all income generated byAkon . The gains would amount to $ 400,000, and he would therefore receive $ 150,000, which he said he had not received at all. He would not have received anything from the amount due to him and after having stopped any collaboration with Akon in 2015.

The deal is all the more complex because it’s Stephens, who signed Akon on his label, after the American record company Elektra Records decided to stop working with him.
It is hoped that they will find a solution, without disturbing the social projects of Akon in African countries. with

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