“The Exceptional Man” – dedicated to President Robert Mugabe by Jamaican poet

This piece is dedicated to President Robert Mugabe by Jamaican poet, Meisha-kay

Heart of a lion, Man of steel.

The Oracle foretold your coming,

Hair like wool, you must have been born from the womb of Mbuya Nehanda.

On the day of your birth all the heavens stood still.

Summoned from the soils of kemet.

Oh great Pharoah of our time, truly you are divine.

We don’t need a telescope to see,

the visions you have for the children of the sun.


Our ancestors will receive you in their arms..

Once your work here is done.

Chief of a fearless army,

I will forever be grateful to live in your time.

Stretch forth your hands and pull us from beneath our enemy’s shoe, Oh great king!

My dear Robert, You are an exceptional man.

Many will criticize, apparently they fail to understand.

Only fools despise wisdom and discipline,

but when the flood comes, we will weep no more.


Written by PH

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