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It’s Twenty Years That The Rapper 2Pac Left This Earth!!

Las Vegas, Nevada on September 13, 1996. Tupac Amaru Shakur was pronounced dead at University Medical Center at 4:03 p.m.. His fans gathered for days outside the hospital are in shock. Six days earlier, the idol of the West Coast took four bullets in his body, a cross of “Sin City”. His best enemy The Notorious BIG was shot dead a few months later, saw him get out even once. It did not happen. This sad day marks the end of the brilliant career but filled excess of the international hip-hop star. At only 25 years old.

Twenty years later, to the day, the legacy of 2Pac is full. His legend has much, necessarily. Many fans who still believe in an extraordinary staging the rapper allegedly orchestrated to hide his death. His countless albums released over the last twenty years do that maintaining the myth, as they remember the power of the character. Rapper, writer, actor, activist, 2Pac was all at once. A theater enthusiast literary wandered among the most dodgy ghettos all over America. Son of a militant of the Black Panther party, the late Afeni Shakur, the young rapper was never the last to scream their hatred of the police institution and denounce the deplorable living conditions of African-American youth.


A separate status in the hip-hop history

Although born in New York, the artist Tupac remains forever the Los Angeles icon. At ease in the middle of Hollywood’s elite Versace shirt, or even Madonna’s arms, the rapper has never defeated the gangster imagery of the era, galvanized by the East-West rivalry in the rap . Some see the reasons of his death, others point to a settling of scores between rival gangs.


Icon of many hip-hop landscape, Tupac still keeps a special status in comparison to the late Biggie, Big L or Ol’Dirty Bastard. His texts are studied at university, its business is subject to museum exhibitions and film roles transform mundane series of B movies collectors. ultimate sign of posthumous consecration, history is being adapted to the cinema. The biopic entitled “All Eyez On Me” in reference to his most successful album, is scheduled for November 2016 in US theaters. What still maintain the legend …
The trailer of the biopic “All Eyez On Me”

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