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Ex-Ivorian International, Emmanuel Eboué Reacts: “People must Stop This Dirty Rumour, I’m Well In My Body”

Emmanuel Eboue is not at all happy. The ex-right side of the Elephants of Cote d’Ivoire, returned to the lawns after a long period of absence for various reasons, is not totally at the end of his troubles.

Emmanuel Eboué relieves the crampons with Turk Ocağı Limasol, a club of the Cyprus elite with which he signed a contract last week. While the Ivorian was believed to be reborn from his ashes, crazy rumors attributed him a pernicious evil, have invaded the web for several hours. These allegations stated that ex-Gunner would have HIV-AIDS and would be in London for examinations.

Eboue ..


Eboue did not take time to react to deny his gratuitous and false claims, the sole purpose of which was to injure his person. Eboué maintains that the story about his person is a pure cabal, and the work of people who swore by all means to destroy him. But the 34-year-old defender only relies on God

 “I’m well in my body. I do not know where this HIV-AIDS rumor comes from, because that’s what it is, but it’s a shame. Every time I try to get up from hard blows, there’s this kind of thing happening. We have to keep dirty. Some people want me serious, I do not know why. It was the same when I signed with Sunderland. But I place my trust in God. I do not know why there is so much hatred for me. There are several people I know well who have told me that they will do everything to destroy me. They will go everywhere and these people know each other very well. But I trust only in my God “

“said Emmanuel Eboué.

The origin of the case

It all started with a discomfort experienced by the player on Sunday night with his new club Ocağı Limasol Spor Kulubu (North Cyprus) during a training session. Eboue  had given his leaders great fright.

“They found abnormal blood values,” his agent said in the wake, adding, “We made the decision to send him to England to do medical check-ups.” This would have been enough for some Turkish and European media to dump their “venen”.


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