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Ex-Cameroonian Soccer Star, Rigobert Song Bahanag Joins Politics?

Is Rigobert Song Bahanack involved in politics? This is what appeared on Sunday 20 August 2017 on national television the CRTV. According to the media, the former Captain of the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon visited the North-West region to take part in a holiday football tournament organized in the district of Mbengwi, next to Mbah Acha Rose , The Minister Delegate has the Presidency in charge of State Superior Control, the organizer.

The image has been widely shared on social networks. The image was the subject of a heated controversy on the social networks.


For Professor Claude ABE, Rigobert Song, accepting to display with the effigy of a political party, passes from an icon of the Republic to an actor in the political field.

”  Rigobert Song remains a Cameroonian citizen so he is free to militate in a political party of his choice.But it is not to be expected that there will be a transfer of the sympathetic capital from the field of football to that of the political actor it becomes “

It is clear that this must have a number of implications. Since there, from the moment when he takes a political color, he has emerged from the world of sport, which is apolitical and which is a place of reference, a gathering place for all Cameroonians. What can happen to him is a little like what happens to the young Cabral Libii. That is to say that it passes from an icon of the Republic that was to an actor that is in the political field with what it entails as consequences. That is, when you are in a party, there are people who militate in other parties, which automatically league against you, which means that they can lose the sympathetic capital that they The football world, “says Claude ABE


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