Everything You Need to Know About The Russian Ghost; More Scary Than The US

A so-called “Long Range Aviation Aviation Complex” (PAK DA) program will provide Russian aviation with supersonic stealth bombers by 2025 to replace Tupolev Tu-22M, 160 and Tu-95.

The aircraft manufacturer Tupolev is responsible for designing and manufacturing this new generation of strategic bombers and has already submitted its design and expenditure assessments to the Russian Ministry of Defense.

The aircraft PAK DA, whose initial idea was born in 2008, will take flight test in 2021 and will be delivered to the Russian army almost four years later.

It is most likely based on the NK-32 and C-117 engines that the PAK DA engine will be manufactured.

This flying wing type aircraft [without tail or fuselage separated from the wings, Ed] will be able to fly at a speed of up to 1190 km / h.


With a range of 5,500 km, the PAK DA can have loads of different kinds: single or nuclear bombs, perforating, anti-bunker, cluster munitions, etc.

According to military experts, the PAK DA is largely similar to the Northrop B-2 Spirit, used by the US Air Force.

Northrop B-2 Spirit, US Air Force bomber aircraft. (Photo archive)


It is a Russian stealth that will be virtually invisible by radar systems and able to be equipped with supersonic missiles.

It is the only strategic stealth bomber whose mass production is on the agenda of the Russian Ministry of Defense.


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