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Everything You Need To Know About “Nyinba”, A Tribe Where Brothers Share The Same Wife…

Here is a surprising fact that our confreres of the daily newspaper Le Point discovered in the “Nyinba” a tribe of Tibet. Tibet is a plateau region located in the northern Himalayas of Asia, traditionally inhabited by Tibetans and other ethnic groups.

The ethnic group was particularly interested in this because of a most surprising practice. According to our source, among the “Nyinba” the brothers share the same wife. A practice that has always amazed visitors of the “Nyinba”. The Nyinba would do this in order to save more money. To be satisfied with a single woman is the only way for brothers to avoid sharing the family domain on the death of their parents.

When the oldest sons of the house reach the age of marriage, the parents choose a wife, often very young. Officially, she is united with the eldest brother, but the others are included in the marriage. If they are too young to eat, they will wait for the time. The ideal marriage has three brothers. When a family has more than three sons, it often happens that the fourth is sent to a convent and that the fifth part of the household for the city in order to make its life alone.

The family makes it come a second, younger! For the stability of this marriage to many, it is imperative that the single wife should share her sexual attentions with all the brothers in a fair manner, even if she expresses a preference for one of them.

At the birth of a child in the home, it is up to the mother to designate the father. In general, it is not too difficult for her, because the very different activities of her spouses cause them to often leave the home in turn.


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