Everything Is Written On Your Face: Your Facial Profile Tells What Kind of Person You Really Are!!

When meeting a new person, the thing you immediately notice is her/his shape of face and facial profile. A science known as physiognomy deals with human characteristics based on the physical appearances of people. This term was mentioned in Aristotle’s writings for the first time. He believed that a person has characteristics of a specific animal to which s/he reminds with his/her look.

Today, this science is used in a lot of businesses when looking for a specific type of people, such as in the police, in big corporations, and in other institutions.

This is how physiognomists use the facial profiles to discover and read people’s characteristic lines:

Concave Profile

This profile includes forward lower jaw and lower lip, but prominent forehead. People with this profile are slow in speech, action and thoughts, but determined and interested in theory. They are meditative and absent minded. Also, these people can be philosophic about everything. They are loyal friends and reliable people, patient and with mild, balanced energy. Another their characteristic is good temper, thinkers, calm, but sometimes insensible.  Although they can take control of themselves and stay calm, they can look depressive and tired. Moreover, these people can express their influence and are good organizers. Their memory works fine and can recollect almost everything. They are not spiteful, but often can be vengeful.


Everything is Written on Your Face Your Facial Profile Tells What Kind of Person You Are!

Vertical Profile

These people have high hopes. Although they seem calm and discerning, but they can be very stubborn and persistent. They never accept defeat and are very curious, always looking for the true meaning and essence of things. People with this profile are rational all the time, brutal and direct. They finish everything they have started, even if they need to give up on something. Being ambitious in nature, they never stop in halfway.

Convex Profile

This profile includes forward upper jaw and lip, and inward chin.

These people are quick thinkers and also react fast. They are great observers, practical people, interested in facts and excellent speakers. They are very energetic, impatient, impulsive, capable, practical and excellent workers. They are people with enthusiasm and believe in success. Most often, they are individuals, and sometimes even rebels. They want to take care about others and are lovable and supportive. They love making new experiences and can bring the right decision immediately. They are clever people, but being impatient is a negative trait in communication. They are not careful listeners because they lack concentration. However, they enjoy talking.


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