Everyone’s Making The Same Joke About The iPhone 7 Being Water Resistant

The iPhone 7 is officially water-resistant, but make sure to note that it’s not water PROOF.

That means you shouldn’t take it into a pool or other body of water to try and take cool under-water shots with the iPhone 7’s fancy new cameras.

During its iPhone event on Wednesday Apple said the iPhone 7 has IP67 water-resistance, which means it’s technically capable of working down to one meter (about 3.3 feet) under water for up to 30 minutes.

If you’ve ever dropped your phone down the sink or in the toilet, you’ve probably had some helpful soul telling you to put it in dry rice.

The thinking is the rice will absorb the water, drawing it out of the phone – and the internet is full of videos and articles by journalists testing if it really works.

Now that the iPhone is water resistant – won’t anyone think of the rice companies?




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