Everyday This Woman Says Hello To A Homeless Man,Then One Day He Handed Her A Note!

Ramundo Arruda Sobrinho is presently 77 years of age, he is vagrant and has intriguing tale about his life. In a time of 35 years he took after his fantasy and enthusiasm. He spent the days composing verse and short stories.

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Despite the fact that Ramundo was making a decent attempt and putting forth a valiant effort, his work remained totally obscure to the world until couple of years back. In 2011 his life changed. He met a lady named Shalla. One day he gave her one of his sonnets and this is the thing that changed his life.


Shalla was truly touched by this current man’s verse, so she chose to make a Facebook page, where she would impart his work to whatever is left of the world. What happened next is a genuine supernatural occurrence. Watch the video beneath, called “The Conditioned” that is a narrative about Ramundo’s life.


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