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Even Corruption Won’t Stop People Voting For The ANC – Survey

The ANC’s biggest problem? Corruption in all its forms and across multiple leaders. This survey shows that it might not be as big a problem with voters.corruption

While we’ve all been hearing talks at the possibility of national coalition politics in 2019, maybe we were getting a bit ahead of ourselves.  Well, that’s if we believe this latest survey…

eNCA reports on a survey by Markdata and African Response. The groups gathered their insight by conducting research among the ANC’s membership in the run-up to the party’s elective conference in December.

The 5000 standardised interviews conducted for the survey showed that Jacob Zuma is still a key concern with regards to turning the party’s fortunes around. Members interviewed associated him with corruption and graft.


The survey interviewed ANC members across the country, young and old, urban and rural and male and female. These individuals voted for the ruling party in both the 2014 and 2016 general and municipal elections.

While the members fully admitted that there is largescale corruption in the ANC, there is a worry that corruption has spread beyond political parties and into the rest of South Africa.

“With all the political turmoil in our country, the Zuma Must Fall and whatever else is happening. I am worried who will be fit enough to replace him”

“Right now South Africa is rotten to its core. Corruption is everywhere”

“It’s not just the political leaders, even the church leaders, corruption is everywhere”

Political analyst Karima Brown analysed the result live on TV. She pointed out that the vote for the ANC was not actually an “emotional” one.

Brown said that even though Zuma has been flawed from the beginning and the ANC has not done anywhere close to enough, people have still seen some improvements in their lives. This together with loyalty for the ANC may be enough to keep the party in power. It has been so far.

For now, though, the ANC has to worry about the mammoth task of electing a new leader in December, will it be Ramaphosa or Dlamini-Zuma?


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