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Ethiopian Airlines Making More Profit Than All Other African Carriers Combined, Flying High

Ethiopian Airlines made whopping $175 million profit for the 2014/15 fiscal year.This figure is eye popping since it is more than what the rest of Africa’s airline industry combined, posted over the same period.

Tewolde Gebremariam, Ethiopian Airlines chief executive, said the airline, which has been the most profitable in Africa for a couple of years now, exceeded its revenue and profit  targets for the fiscal year.

The state owned carrier is now embarking on an expansion program, increasing its fleet to 140 by 2025, currently it has 76. Ethiopian Airlines is growing in revenue and expanding its routes  to become the most networked carrier on the African continent. Other African airlines are not doing so well, in-fact some of them are making loses.

Collectively, Other African Airlines are expected to post a profit of barely $100 million, which is really curious when compared to what Ethiopian Airlines is Doing.

Congratulations to Ethiopian Airlines,

I have three questions.

What is Ethiopian Airlines doing right?


Why are other African Airlines not doing well?

Why are other African Airlines not Learning from what Ethiopian Airlines is doing?

Look and Learn


Ethiopian Airlines Expanding


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