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Ethiopian Airlines Finally Dispatches All-female Crew for Historic Argentina Flight

Ethiopian Airlines scores another all-female flight crew accomplishment as it extends its worldwide impression to the Argentine capital, Buenos Aires – its first such flight.

The flight takes off on the event of the International Women’s Day and as per the Addis Standard news portal the crew will be operating the B787 Dreamliner from Addis Ababa to Buenos Aires.


It is not the first time Africa’s top flier has dispatched an all women crew. In December 2017, they made history by sending one such team on an intra-Africa trip from Addis Ababa to Lagos.

An all-women team means the entire flight management team comprised of women: from the pilots and cabin crew to in-flight ramp operations as well as flight dispatchers on the ground.

Before last year’s Addis Ababa – Lagos flight, Ethiopian had in late 2015, dispatched a similar crew that flew passengers from Addis Ababa to the Thai capital, Bangkok.



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