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Ethiopian Airlines Crash: This Nigerian Lady’s Prophesies Trend After They All Came to Pass

Two days ago, an Ethiopian Airlines had taken to Twitter to announce that one of its airplanes had crashed. The crash had taken 157 lives, including two Nigerians and 32 Kenyans.

A Nigerian lady identified as Maudlyn Adaeze Ekwueme has become a topic of discussion on social media for seeing the future. The lady had allegedly predicted some tragic events that came to pass.

According to screenshots from Ekwueme’s Facebook posts, she had predicted some of the things that happened recently. The lady had allegedly seen the Ethiopian Airlines crash before it happened.

ET Airlines Crash

Nigerian lady’s prophesies trend after they all came to pass Facebook source: Maudlyn Adaeze Ekwueme Source: Facebook

In one of the posts the lady had claimed to have seen corps members crying and dead boys in Kaduna. She had also said she was not sure if the Ethiopian Airlines crashed or almost crashed.

Nigerians had also taken to Facebook to share their thoughts on her revelations. Some Nigerians believed that the lady was speaking the truth while others doubts her claims.

One man who believes her prophecies shared some of her past post on revelations to back up the lady’s claims.


Meanwhile,we had earlier reported that another man prophesied that the airplane was going to crash. A pastor Prophet Cosmos Affran had predicted an Ethiopian Airline would crash in February 2019.


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