Ethiopia pardons more than 500 amid unique Christmas day celebrations

The Ethiopian government on Wednesday announced amnesty to some 530 federal prisoners amid Ethiopia’s unique Christmas day celebrations.

Prisoners were pardoned amid the unique Ethiopian Christmas, as the country prepares to mark the day on Jan. 7 to remember the birth of Jesus Christ based on the traditions of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, state-affiliated Fana Broadcasting Corporate reported on Wednesday.

According to the Ethiopian Federal Attorney General’s office, the amnesty was made as part of the ongoing national reconciliation move.


Ethiopia, which celebrated its New Year on September 11, had also granted an amnesty for thousands of prisoners on the occasion of the Ethiopian New Year.

Hundreds of exiled Ethiopians over the past months have flocked into the east African country following recent reform move by Ethiopia’s ruling coalition the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front.

The Ethiopian government, following Abiy Ahmed’s appointment as the country’s Prime Minister in April last year, has been implementing various decisions aimed at creating a nationwide reconciliation. They include the release of high-level political prisoners and an invitation for Ethiopian rebel groups for talks as well as the decision to normalize relations with its regional arch-rival Eritrea.


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