Ethiopia Initiates Ambitious Plan To Create Employment For 30,000 Refugees



The Ethiopian government has announced an ambitious plan to create employment opportunities for 30,000 refugees hosted by the country.

The government – through its Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework (CRRF) launched in November – said the plan will facilitate durable solutions for the refugees.

The plan for ‘Jobs Compact’ will see the country receive US$500 million in concessional finance from the World Bank, DfID, European Investment Bank and European Union, which will go towards the creation of employment opportunities for up to 100,000 individuals (30,000 refugees hosted in Ethiopia and 70,000 Ethiopian nationals) in three industrial parks across Ethiopia.


Ethiopia is a pilot country for the roll out of the CRRF with a clear roadmap prepared in consultations with partners.

The implementation of the framework is in line with pledges made at the Leaders’ Summit on Refugees in September 2016 in New York. In addition to granting work permit, the Ethiopian Government committed to allow civil registration for refugees.

Ethiopia also committed to strengthening access to education, allowing a significant number of refugees to reside outside refugee camps and to locally integrate protracted/long-staying refugees. Ethiopia has called on the international community to maximize its support for the realization of these commitments.



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