Eritrean Govt Announces Rent Waiver For Tenants Over Coronavirus Pandemic Despite Having Only 2 Active Cases

The Eritrean Government has announced rent waiver for tenants due to the devastating impact of the Coronavirus pandemic.


Information Minister, Yemane Meskel confirmed on Twitter on Sunday that landlords in Eritrea have agreed to waive rents for tenants, while revealing that the government had been recieving substantial contributions to National Fund from all citizens in the country and even in diaspora on daily basis.


He wrote: ‘#Eritrea: rich culture of societal compassion/solidarity in full swing. Substantial contributions to National Fund by all citizens in the country/Diaspora continue to flow on daily basis. Latest trend in this overwhelming act is waiver of monthly rents for tenants by home-owners.’


Meskel didn’t give more details as to what duration the waiver is to apply, but the announcement comes weeks after the Eritrean government postponed the payment of utility bills for all its citizens.


According to the country’s health ministry, no new cases have not been recorded for weeks. Out of the 39 cases that have been recorded since the outbreak of Coronavirus in Eritrea, 37 have recovered with two active cases currently receiving treatment.


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