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Eric Holder; the Murderer of Nipsey Hussle Abandoned by His Lawyer

Christopher Darden, Eric Holder’s lawyer, the young man who opened fire on rapper Nipsey Hussle decided to abandon his client. Eric Holder will have to spend some time without a lawyer, until he can find another.

Given the multiple pressures, Christopher Darden decided to abandon the Nipsey Hussle murder case. Defense counsel could not resist the hateful comments and death threats he was subjected to. As a lawyer representing Nipsey Hussle’s murderer, Christopher Darden decided to withdraw from the case.

TMZ magazine confirmed Christopher Darden’s decision with a motion that the lawyer said he was giving up on Eric Holder’s defense.


” Like in 1995, cowards never change. Nowadays, these cowards do not send letters. They remain anonymous behind keyboards threatening the mother and children of a man. He said before continuing: ” To those who have made these threats to my children, pay special attention to avoid any misunderstanding. Later. F ** K YOU! “Wrote the lawyer.

Next Friday, Eric Holder will have a hearing in Superior Court and L. Darden says it will be the last time he will appear in court for this case.

While Darnen was determined to defend Holder, the threats he and his family had forced him to change position. Therefore, he thinks that the decision to withdraw completely is good for his safety and that of his family.

He stressed, however, that in keeping with the Constitution, everyone deserves a defense in court.

” After centuries of stories of black men suspended without judgment on trees or after thousands of cases of black men tried, convicted and executed without a lawyer … I do not understand why, in 2019, some people would refuse a black his right of advice of his choice. He concluded.


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