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Equatorial Guinea: Yahya Jammeh Released By Relatives!

If former President Yahya Jammeh seems to like his new life in Equatorial Guinea, where he has been exiled since his departure from power, his close associates suffer from idleness. Officers of the Gambian army with whom he exiled planned to abandon him to return to the Gambia.

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According to sources, the officers always have the phone glued to their ears and constantly communicate with their families. Among those close to the former President of Gambia, Nyambou Jammeh, General Ansumana Tamba and Jimbay Jammeh. They would suffer cultural shock and spend a good part of their day listening to the radio.

Yahya Jammeh is in exile in Equatorial Guinea with his mother Asombi Bojang and his wife Zeinab Souma Jammeh, Seneweb informs.

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