Equatorial Guinea: Jailed Cartoonist Freed In After 5 Months Behind Bars

A sketch artist who was held in authority for over five months in Equatorial Guinea was discharged on Wednesday, an NGO said.

Ramon Esono Ebale, who works under the pseudonym “Ham and Cheese”, was arrested for works “that regularly criticise the government of Equatorial Guinea”, the African Union previously said.

Confirming his release, director of the US-based rights group EG Justice, Tutu Alicante, said in a statement: “The release of Ramon is proof of the power of the collective work of hundreds of artists, concerned citizens and NGOs.”


On February 27 at the start of his trial in capital Malabo public prosecutor Rafael Ondo Nguema asked for the release of Ebale, saying there was a “lack of clear evidence”.

Ebale was arrested in mid-September with the government announcing his detention was for “money laundering and forgery”. They alleged a million CFA francs in counterfeit money (1,500 euros) was found at his home.


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