Equatorial Guinea: Former President Yahya Jammeh Wants To Go Into Agriculture!!

Settled in a villa in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, since his departure from Banjul on January 21, Yahya Jammeh has disclosed some of his projects to the local authorities.

The former President of Gambia would like to embark on agriculture, and Malabo would have no objection because “the country is full of fertile land available,” according to an Equatorial Guinean diplomat. In the aftermath of his presidential defeat, Jammeh had announced his intention to retire to his farm in Kanilai, southern Gambia.

Misappropriation of funds?

But another subject is more preoccupying the former autocrat: in recent days, the Gambian justice is investigating the alleged misappropriation of 8 million dollars for the benefit of its foundation. If Banjul filed a request for extradition, would Malabo agree to deliver Jammeh?

“We have no extradition agreement with the Gambia,” says Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, the head of state of Equatorial Guinea

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