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Epic Fight! Insane Moment A Giant Bat Wins Battle Over Python (Must Watch)

Python and a bat clash in an epic battle for survival but as the killer snake tightens its grip… who wins?
Flying fox strangled by python in Australian jungle during tense fight for survival
Killer snake looks to have control over its prey but bat manages to squirm away
Flying foxes may exceed a wing span of 1m and in video it uses wings to escape


A python and a bat lock in an epic battle but as the killer snake tightens its grip the fight takes an unexpected twist
The flying fox is strangled by the python during the tense fight for survival in the Australian jungle, but miraculously squirms its way free
Flying foxes have an impressive wingspan that can exceed one metre – an attribute that certainly came in handy for the bat in the video
Strangely, instead of attacking its prey again, the snake allows the flying fox to escape without chase

Watch video below:



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