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Entrepreneur From Michigan Opens West Africa’s Newest Black-Owned Safari in Tanzania


Paul Allen Billings, an African American entrepreneur from Muskegon, Michigan, is the owner of his very own safari in the West African country of Tanzania called


Africa is known for having the most wildlife in the world. It is also called the birthplace of the safari, which means ‘journey’ in Swahili. “We offer everyday people a chance to see the world’s best national parks while experiencing nature at its best with breathtaking views of the many animals you only see on TB. Our goal is for you to be swept away from the excitement,” says Paul Allen Billing. Whether you’re planning a family vacation or a thrilling adventure, VisitTanzania4Less, has an African safari designed just for you, by experts who have explored the land. Your journey starts now!


VisitTanzania4Less is an African Safari Company dedicated to providing a safe safari that will advance visitors’ knowledge of the amazing country while leaving lifetime memories. “We are Tanzania’s best safari company. We offer unique and unforgettable customized safaris in Tanzania. From spectacular wildlife and stunning landscape to beautiful beaches and fascinating cultures, we are passionate about showing you the wonders of Tanzania,” says Tour Operator Jasmine Laizer, who has over 15 years of experience in the tourism industry.

Visitors will get an intimate experience. The safari will allow guests to explore the beautiful scenery while observing wildlife conservation and animals in their natural habitat. “I am welcoming people all over the world to travel and enjoy the wonders of Tanzania, Africa,” said Certified Senior Tour Guide Ramadhani Abdalah Awadhi. Awadhi, who completed his certificate of Tourism at the Data Star Training College in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania is very excited to guide you on your extraordinary journey.


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